Bouquets to Art / by Nicole Bemboom

Bouquets to Art 2016 is now on display at the de Young Museum, through April 10th.

Vera stopped by and took some photos of her favorite arrangements for us, including this spectacular piece by Asiel Design, which was inspired by the photo of Ruth Asawa working.

Check out the show before Sunday to see some of these great pieces in person, as well as the works from the permanent collection that inspired the bouquets. (If that's not motivation enough, while you're there, you can check out the Oscar de la Renta Retrospective.)

We were not able to grab all of the artists names, unfortunately, but here's a list of what we have. Let us know if you can fill in any gaps!

1: Twigs and Stems. Reg Merritt, Rebecca Merritt
2 + 3: Emil Yanos
4: Kiwi DeVoy
6: Orinda Garden Club. Heather Dunne, Mari Tischenko
7: Belle Flora. Hiromi Nomura
10: Chestnut and Vine Floral Design. Svenja Brotz, Linnea Brotz, Leander Brotz
11 + 12: Katharina Stuart Floral Art and Design