Sophia Rogers is a Bay Area native and University of Oregon alumna. She joined Arterra in the fall of 2018 as a landscape designer.

Sophia’s lifelong love of plants and animals led her to complete a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies. A class on ecology based design her last term of college inspired her to pursue Landscape Architecture as a career. Sophia then went back to school at Merritt College in Oakland. While completing this second degree in Landscape Architecture, Sophia worked as a maintenance gardener in the surrounding East Bay hills. Working as a gardener solidified her plant knowledge and afforded her valuable experience with organic gardening and sustainable horticultural practices. She loves working on planting plans with the design team and enjoying furthering her residential design skills.

When Sophia is not in the office she enjoys practicing yoga, trying new restaurants, hiking, taking care of her plants, and watching any detective program she can find.