Natasha Libina joined Arterra in 2007 in a career shift that took her from the lab bench to the drafting table. In her previous life, Natasha completed her Ph.D. in genetics at the University of California, San Francisco and worked for several years as a research scientist, studying aging. After a not so brief excursion into advanced science, Natasha eventually arrived at what has become the passion of her professional life: designing beautiful landscapes that unite form and function. She received a certificate in Landscape Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley in 2008 and became a licensed landscape architect in 2012.

Born and raised in Moscow, Russia, Natasha moved to the Bay Area in her early 20s in search of new opportunities and adventures. Her work draws inspiration both from her native land and from her extensive travels, which include a year’s sabbatical in Rome as well as shorter adventures in Europe, South America and Africa. Natasha is notorious for her perfectionism and attention to detail. She especially enjoys creating unique artistic landscape elements and designing with plants.

When not in the office or at a construction site, Natasha spends time introducing her six-year-old daughter to the gastronomical, natural, musical and cultural wonders of the world.