Nancy Banh-Boudreau joined Arterra with a background in environmental science and a love for native plants.

After studying environmental science at UC Berkeley, Nancy joined the Golden Gate National Park Conservancy, where she worked on projects with landscape architects and designers on parks and outlook plazas. The Conservancy only plants natives that are specific to the watershed, and Nancy was impressed by the beauty the designers could create within those constraints. She was inspired to study landscape architecture at Merritt College.

At Arterra, Nancy has found a crossover in her interests in hand-rendering, drafting, love of construction sites, and working with clients and coworkers. She loves seeing a vision on paper become a reality in the field, and knowing that someone is enjoying her work as it changes over time.

As a San Francisco native, Nancy enjoys exploring the nooks and crannies of the city, and being outdoors with her husband and their dog, Snickers.