From the desk of... The things you can see!

This is an installment in our series "From the desk of..." where we share a little inspiration from around the internet.

We've been daydreaming about all the beautiful things we can see in the world, whether near or far, natural or made by humankind.

Not far from our studio, magical street art in Redwood City:

We love this way of thinking... Why not have street furniture cast fun creature shadows? I'm sure this makes so many days a little more joyful, via Bored Panda

And, unfortunately far from us in San Francisco, there's this bookstore! Via Dwell

If you are reading from Hangzhou, please write in and let us know how soon we need to book flights.

If you'd like to take a minute to see an incredible natural phenomenon, here's a video of the Grand Canyon looking even more amazing than usual! Via The Washington Post

And if you're missing eclipse fever, this episode of Radio Lab starts with reactions across the country to the totality, and it's really beautiful: