From the desk of... Take back your public spaces

This is an installment in our series "From the desk of..." where we share a little inspiration from around the internet.

This week we're taking a look at amazing and inspiring ways to activate public space.

Here's a great article on the "weapons" cities use to make beaches difficult to access:
If you're in LA, check out a map that shows you how to access all the public beaches in Malibu... and everything else from the LA Urban Rangers.

And here's 99% Invisible exploring a way of claiming public spaces by giving them names:

In an urban intervention flashback, here's our very own Lora Martens' project for the first Park(ing) Day in Pheonix in 2009! 


And here are just a few of the many other inspiring projects out there.

A nifty little art studio under a bridge, via Dezeen.

Dumpsters can be quite pretty... or a cool play space!