Private Home

Carmel, CA

This Tolkien inspired garden offers a sculptural, narrative journey through a stunning sustainable landscape. Working elements of the garden are envisioned as works of art-both beautiful and meaningful.  Materials include stone, water, bronze, mosaics and a rich tapestry of native plantings. Tree protection, soil preservation and water conservation are all integrated into the design. Winter ponds and planted roofs slow water infiltration, a cistern stores water underground.  The gardens provide habitat for birds, dragonflies, butterflies and bats!

Arterra Team: Vera Gates, Monty Hill, Scott Yarnell, Natasha Libina, Elizabeth Polana
Architect: J.E. Caldwell Architect
Builder: Carroll & Strong Builders
Landscape Contractor: Jerry Allison Landscaping
Photographer: Rebecca Ford, Gretchen Whittier, Vera Gates