Garden Geometries: Combining Forms / by Nicole Bemboom

By Vera Gates

Throughout this series, we have been exploring garden design through the singular prism of one geometric form at a time, as discrete moments. Yet, great garden designs are a thoughtful orchestration of multiple geometric forms.


Conceptual Sketches by Kate Stickley


We are trying to create rhythm, interest, contrast and beauty amidst a highly ordered space. The varying geometries can be physically connected or dis-connected, interwoven or distinctly separate, according to our intentions.

Master Plan by Arterra Landscape Architects

Master Plan by Arterra Landscape Architects

Typically, the choices are made in response to some site or architectural consideration. We are often trying to either solve a problem, define a usable purpose or create an experiential moment. 

As with basic geometric forms, the combinations have rules of engagement. Governed by perceptions of order and beauty, the design is an effort to interrelate and unify the whole into a comprehensible and beautiful sequence of space.


We know when we see and experience good design. It is beautiful, the space works well and we are inspired. The thoughtful combinations of geometric forms, and basic rules of ordering space help define beauty, proportion and harmony. 

Master Plan By Arterra Landscape Architects