Alyssa Erickson


Alyssa landed her dream job at Arterra after graduating with the highest honors from Merritt College’s Landscape Architecture Program. Growing up in Santa Barbara, she experienced the beauty of the town: the architecture, hiking in the mountains, surfing in the ocean, and enjoying the sounds of the small music scene.

She moved to San Francisco to study industrial design, and to live in an urban setting. After graduating with her BFA in industrial design, she designed everything from decorative home accessories to space planning system furniture.

Alyssa had fun designing products, but wanted to design things that had a greater purpose, things that lasted, and made a positive impact on the environment. It was then that she discovered landscape architecture and Merritt College. At Merritt, she learned about horticulture, residential landscape design, and was awarded many scholarships from Bay Area garden clubs.

Alyssa has been established in San Francisco for half of her life now. She feeds off the energy San Francisco has to offer, and can’t see herself living anywhere else. She loves that she can bike to work and express her creativity. She is excited about Arterra’s vision, sense of style, and loves the team environment.

She knows she can make a difference in the environment through planting a single tree (which can absorb CO2 at a rate of 48 lb. per year) to regrading land so a home is protected from water damage, to creating habitats for birds and bees in an urban city.

If Alyssa is not designing, she is probably at home listening to records, practicing Iyengar yoga or cooking food with her husband and friends.